About Us

About the website,

Shooters Africa is an online shooting goods store that came to life over a period of 4 years of dedicated planning and “Big Dreaming”.

In realising that the everyday Southern African shooter had limited choices in goods because of limited stock and unavailable supplies we realised that we can offer our clients a choice of goods that is unlimited and unsurpassed by our competitors.

Unlimited choice is what we strive for, opening a whole new world of possibilities to our customers and to present the Southern-African shooter with everything that the modern day shooter could ever need.

It is our aim is to supply our customers with “Exceptional Service” at an “Unbelievable Price” and ensuring that your shopping experience is easy and hassle free from start to finish .

Our experience and knowledge of sport shooting and -hunting allows us to select the very best range of products for you. We ensure that all items we stock are suitable for the task they are designed for and if we do not feel a product is up to scratch then we will not stock it

About the Owner,

Good day,

My name is Jaco van den Berg and I am the owner of Shooters Africa.

The idea of Shooters Africa was conceived from a passion for hunting and shooting. After lots of dreaming, planning and hard work Shooters Africa was born.

I give all praise to The Lord for the opportunity to be part of Shooters Africa.

Since I was a little boy I had an interest in guns, shooting and hunting. I constantly nagged my father to buy me an air rifle. At the age of sixteen I had all the parts to have my very first hunting rifle built with my own hard earned pocket money.

During my high school years I was part of the .22 Shooting team shooting team and also participated in Full bore Bisley shooting.

I am an avid hunter and enjoy reloading my own ammunition.

I obtained my professional Hunters status and regularly guide foreign clients on hunting expeditions.

I had the privilege to work for a safari company in Tanzania as a concession manager and gained a lot of big game hunting experience during my time in the bush.

I am a member of the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association and also a member of the SA Hunters, Bisley and Nature Conservation Club (CHASA).

I am a practicing Attorney and take everything I do seriously.

I live by the saying:”Born to hunt, forced to work!!!”

I am above all else a passionate husband, father and family man!

As you can see, I am a regular guy, just like you, living out my passions every day!

Our business model allows us to keep prices competitive and we also strive to provide the South-African Hunter and Shooter with everything that they need.

We are constantly searching for new and innovative products on offer all over the world and to bring that to the South African market.

Being a new company in the sporting goods industry we understand that there may be concerns out there about the legality of our business. There are many scams and tricksters out there who defraud people out of their hard earned money.

We will do everything in our power to gain your trust as a reliable supplier and be known for excellent service. This we will do the old fashioned way – Hard work and a dash of passion!”

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or just want to chat about hunting and shooting.

I look forward to hear from you.